What we do

At Crecy Poitiers Agincourt Solutions ® (pronounced Cre-ssy Pwut-yay Az-shin-cor) we specialise in providing Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Program Architecture and Solution Architecture consultancy services to our clients with a pragmatic focus on business outcomes and providing exceptional service and value. Our priority is to ensure that the work that we do first and foremost supports and complements a client's business strategy. In all of our client engagements we take a pragmatic view and actively practise a "no ivory towers" philosophy with our work. Backed by a demonstrable track record delivering large enterprise transformation programs of work our team can support your business through to successful delivery.

Enterprise Architecture

We can assist business to assess the health of its current state enterprise architecture, where necessary define a target state enterprise architecture and provide a transition roadmap to be delivered via programs and projects of work.

Solution Architecture

Our team have significant experience in the end to end delivery of solution architectures for large enterprise projects and bring a deep business domain knowledge that complements strong technical skills

Architecture Capability

We can assist your organisation uplift the maturity of its architectural practice including formalisation of architecture deliverables, tool selection and establishing governance forums to promote architecture and engage the right stakeholders in your organisation

Delivery & Execution

We can provide services to support your business through the solution delivery phase including: 1. project management; 2. vendor/supplier evaluation, selection and contract management; 3. Architectural oversight of technical delivery and compliance reviews; 4. Solution design and documentation

Who we are

We are a Sydney based team of committed professionals that has over a quarter of a century experience working for global firms in diversified financials (including wealth management, retail banking, general insurance and life insurance) telecommunications and defence. The team bring a breadth of experience having worked in varied roles such as external consultancy, corporate in-house and software vendor.

Our team is headed by founding director, and principal consulant Andrew Tyson. Andrew had over two decades professional experience in IT working in a number of different roles for both small and multi-national companies before founding our firm. Along with his significant IT experience Andrew is a qualified lawyer, admitted to practice in New South Wales with a Master of Laws majoring in financial services law. His formal legal training gives him a key insight into regulatory, contractual and common law issues that complement his technical accumen. Andrew is a certified TOGAF practicitioner and is one of only a handful of ACORD Certified Experts in APAC.

Our name is derived from three mediaeval battles from the Hundred Years War: Crecy (1346), Poitiers (1356) and Agincourt (1415). Whilst it might seem anachronistic for a technology consultancy to have a name more suited to a high school history class each battle provides a textbook lesson in how great leadership and judicious use of disruptive technology can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

We are a business outcome focussed group of professionals that strive to apply our extensive architectural experience to enable our customers realise their goals
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What we know

Our team has particular expertise in solving business problems for customers with an emphasis on the following areas

Financial Services & Wealth

  • Retail & wholesale wealth
  • Wrap, IDPS & SMA
  • Superannuation & SMSF
  • Unit registry & fund accounting
  • Distribution, advice
  • Regulatory & compliance

General & Life Insurance

  • Product manufacture & pricing
  • Distribution, agents & brokers
  • Commercial, retail & group
  • Claims, case management
  • Subrogation & reinsurance
  • Regulatory & compliance

Technology & Operations

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Integration & Messaging
  • Security
  • Digitisation & UXP
  • Analytics & reporting

How we work

We pride ourselves on our integrity, and recognise the importance of honesty and transparency in all of our dealings with our customers, our customers' staff and our customers' suppliers and vendors. When delivering large, complex and complicated transformational programs of work things don't always go to plan, and in our experience the only thing worse than bad news is bad news delivered too late, or not at all. Our approach is to promtly, effectively and respectfully identify, surface and address issues that might otherwise impede our customers effectively realising their goals and objectives.
We all appreciate quality and our team will strive to deliver the best quality solution available albeit we are always mindful of the competitive tension with timeliness and commerciality. Our team will proactively seek innovative solutions that employ novel technology so our customers differentiate in the marketplace and achieve a competitive advantage.

Who we have helped

Our clients include major financial services organisations operating globally

how can we help

Please leave us your details if you would like to know more about how we can help your organisation achieve its business goals and objectives.